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Peter LeGrand Presentation

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Special Event

October 16, 2015    7:30 PM

Fort Dearborn-Chicago Photo Forum

47 W. Polk, Chicago 60605

Everything a Photographer Wants to Know about Photography and the Law

Presented by Copyright Attorney E. Leonard Rubin  

Come and hear a distinguished lawyer discuss everything you always wanted to know about your legal rights as a photographer, people whom you photograph, and people who own or design what you photograph.  We have all been in situations where someone has challenged our right to take photographs.  We have all taken shots of people from whom we could not or did not get a release. We have all wondered if we have done everything we could to protect our ownership of our work.  Len will discuss these common questions and many more.   He will cover ownership, copyrights, releases, permissions, rights of privacy and publicity, and endorsements.  This is a presentation that every photographer should attend, and that you will not want to miss.

E. Leonard Rubin is a practicing lawyer with a long and distinguished career in all aspects of copyright and entertainment law, and has taught and lectured widely